How Do You Choose Your Plastic Surgeon?

You must see the doctor's certificates and diplomas of your choice !

You should definitely see the doctor’s certificate and diploma!

Is the doctor known and experienced? Does the doctor appear on TV frequently? Are there news stories about the doctor in the newspapers? Does the doctor work in a university hospital? Does he/she work in a well-known and large hospital? Does he/she talk eloquently? Is he/she highly recommended? Or is it enough to choose the hospital only?

Of course all of these are important criteria. However when choosing the right surgeon you must not rely on the social media solely.

You must get clear answers to questions:

One is prone to choose a surgeon he feels most comfortable and communicates well with.  Patient feels more trust towards a surgeon who approaches them positively, gives confidence, and who is able to answer all questions clearly.  When the operations are planned there must be absolute communication between the doctor and the patient.  The doctor and the patient must understand each other clearly.

Is surgery necessary? Is the surgeon good?

Is this surgery really necessary? Is it possible to solve with non-surgical methods? When these questions are asked the answers given must not leave any question marks in the head of the patient. An unnecessary operation must never ever be planned for the patient.

The best surgeon is known by the surgeons’ patients. For this reason patients who have been operated by the surgeon must be contacted.

Post op stage must be well managed:

The patient recovery period starts quickly after the surgery. Some patients experience strong anxieties during these periods. ‘Why isn’t the swelling going down?’, ‘the bruising in increasing. Is there a problem’, ‘Despite having a liposuction why is my waist still big?’, ‘my face is really swollen is there a problem?’ and similar questions are some of the most encountered small concerns raised. However If the patient and the doctor do not communicate with each other at this stage these concerns grow bigger and patient’s psychological wellbeing deteriorates. For this reason the doctor and patient relations after the operation/s must be constant

Where and how should the operation be done?

All surgical procedures should be performed in an operating room environment. Only non-surgical interventions should be performed in clinics or examination rooms. Patients must know the hospital where they will be operated in and options should be given if there are any concerns or dissatisfactions relating to the hospital.

What is ‘natural aesthetics’?

An aesthetic operation is planned to create a natural appearance and is far distanced from exaggerated look.

In my opinion a good aesthetic operation has several important criteria. The most important one of these is that people should not realise you’ve had an aesthetic surgery when they look at you.

If no comments are made relating to your cosmetic surgeries carried out on your nose, face and eyelids then these are classed as good surgeries.  If the comments made is; there is something different about you but I don’t know what it is’ or ‘our eyes are enlightened’ then these were good surgeries also. However if you are asked ‘did you get your eyelids done?’ or “did you get your eyebrows lifted” then the surgery was not a good one.

The goal here is not to look 30 at the age of 50 or rather the most beautiful of our age as we can be. Factors such as sports, well balanced diet, living a regular life will change our aging period also. A balanced operation planning away from exaggeration and protecting the real you is a must.


Aesthetic Operations

Beauty is a sought-after subject everywhere, `` Wolfgang von Goethe``

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Face and body shaping

Body Contouring

Face Lift

Non-Surgical Aesthetic

Facial Applications

Facial Applications

Facial Applications

Facial Applications

What Should Be Natural Aesthetics?

Aesthetic operations should be planned to create a natural look away from exaggeration


I think a good aesthetic operation has several important criteria. I think the most important thing is that people around you don’t realize that you’re having an aesthetic operation. When people look at the nose yaptırmış, face stretched, eyelid yaptırmış, eyes opened, such as the comments can not make good aesthetic operations. There’s a change in you, but what? Well done if the question comes up. What happened? if they ask, it’s good. Did you have your eyelids covered? You got your eyebrow up? if you are getting questions like that it is not a good operation.

The goal here should not be to look like our 30s in our 50s. To be the beauty of our age should be the goal. Sports, balanced nutrition, living a regular life, all these factors will change our aging period. Balanced operations should be planned, far from exaggeration, while preserving the existing ones.

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Hasta Yorumları

I’ve been a professional sportswoman since I was 11 years old. My sports branch is underwater rugby which is a very difficult sport to play. I am also a national player. I have been complaining about my breasts for many years. But I did not dare to have breast enlargement because of the sports I did. I was petrified about being hit in the chest during our training session after the operation. Thanks to an athlete friend of mine who has had breast augmentation operation, I met the Dr. Sema. On our first meeting, her sincerity, positive energy, and most importantly her knowledge, affected me very much. Dr. Sema answered all my questions clearly and my fear went completely with the replies she gave. She told me I would be able to go back swimming a month after the surgery. I had my surgery 2 weeks after meeting Dr. Sema. Two weeks after my surgery I started doing light exercises at home and started swimming a month after. ıt was at this stage that I really regretted not meeting DrSema before and getting the operation done. Many of my friends who saw my breasts after my operation had breast surgeries done under Dr. Sema.

They had all remarked on how natural my breasts had looked which was the deciding factor for them to get their done. The natural appearance is completely the handwork of Dr.Sema. I never interfered with the size of the implants and left her to it. She had already analysed my body completely. She prepared everything.  Because of Dr Sema many of my friends and I feel better about ourselves. We don’t shy away from mirrors and wear the clothes we want. ıt has been 4 years since I have had my breasts done but I am still a patient of hers. Lines had formed on my face due to years of mimicking which made me feel uncomfortable each time I looked at the mirror. .I delayed getting Botox done as I thought everyone would be aware of it so I kept delaying it. It was because of Dr. Sema that I changed this line of thought. No one noticed the Botox Dr. Sema did. .people only commented how my face was glowing and how good I looked.  Dr. Sema know exactly which areas and by how much she need to Botox which is why the Botox looks ever so natural. I get Botox done every six months now. My face glows and looks smooths. The lines have not progressed. Some doctors’ work to gain money only but Dr. Sema is a complete professional who loves her job and works for the satisfaction of her patients. She is a very successful doctor.  You can trust her completely. The only doctor I can recommend in Turkey is Dr. Sema ÖZDEN.T hank you Dr. Sema for everything. I love you lots.

Hi everyone! Hello from Izmir Turkey I’m 30 years old, I’ve got breast augmentation. Today into the 38 days after surgery,this time I was feeling lot better completely no pain anymore. I’m just so happy I have boobs now! 385 CC round high profile silicone implants looks natural. Well, everything has been healing quite smoothly. Only sometimes just normal pain but most of the time I’m feeling better. Dr.Sema Ozden she just amazing, she is experiences, certified surgeon very knowledgeable in her position and I felt very secure professional answers all my questions from the first consultation she has takes the time to the make sure I was confident with my decision, Spoke extensively about risks and possible complications. I felt very well informed to make my decision and I never felt rushed or pressured, less nervous the day of surgery. she’s really help on the best size for me as my wish to have it of course she recommended the size According my body frame is also good for my health the results I’m happy with the size though it’s to early to Determine but I can see it more more nice days .she’s kind and friendly she postoperative follow up my condition. She truly cares about her Patients, and I HIGHLY recommend My regards, Dewi Yanti.

Hello. My breasts were large and saggy for my age. In order to solve this problem I researched lots of doctors on the internet.  I even saw some of them face to face. However the replies to my questions did not satisfy me or gave me assurance. I then met with Dr.Sema on recommendation.  During this meeting she was sincere and always smiling. More than this she answered all my questions openly and clearly. All these combined made me decide to go ahead with the operation without any doubts in my mind whatsoever. In actual fact the operation was scheduled for the following day. The doctor was with me throughout. She never made me feel alone. I had no pains after my op. Even after the op Dr Sema was there keeping an eye on me.  I am very happy with my present breasts. My self-confidence is back. Thanks ever so much Dr Sema. I am so glad I met you and left myself in your capable hands


I’m Buşra. I am 19 years old and I have had breast reduction operation recently because of back and neck pains I constantly suffered.  Whereas one breast was larger than the other by 2.5 cm they are now both equal and are of size which is suitable for my age. Thank you so much Dr Sema for this. Who took real interest in me and saved me from a large weight and also got rid of my back and neck pains. The operation team and the anaesthetist were very good. Everything went smoothly. I would recommend Dr Sema to everyone who is experiencing the same problems as I did previously.

Hi. I am Gülay

I complained about my large breasts for many years but was unable to make a decision as to what I should do about them. One day as I was shopping for underwear I met a lady who had an operation done by Dr  Sema and when I saw the results of her operation I made the most intelligent decision of my life.I made a small internet search and found out how to reach her and made an appointment immediately. When I went for the consultation I was met with sincerity and her expertise in her field and the recommendations she gave made me decide that I had indeed found the right doctor. Together we decided to go ahead with the operation and scheduled a date. Dr.Sema’s assistant gave me complete details before the surgery and also a list of things to do. I began to wait for the operation with great excitement. On the day of the operation everything was ready waiting for me.It was over with success so very quickly and without any problems that I was just as amazed as my close ones who were waiting outside for me. We were all so very happy. It’s been a year since I had my operation. I have the breast size I wanted and am for comfortable health wise. Everyone who needs an expert on breast issues must reach Dr.Sema . Wishing you healthy days…

It has been 3 years since my breast reduction surgery. I am very satisfied. I didn’t have any pains after my operation. The scars go in a year. I had no infections, bruising, loss of sensation, drooping or re-enlargement of the breast. So long story short, I am very satisfied. Dr.Sema is really a brilliant doctor with her approach and interest. So glad I met her, without hesitation I would recommend her to everyone.

Because of the mimics I have done over the years, lines on my face had appeared. Whenever I looked in the mirror those lines would make me unhappy. The reason I kept on post-poning it is because I believed that if I had Botox done then it would be too obvious and everyone would know that I had it done. Dr.Sema is the reason I no longer believe in what I thought. Unless I told the person, nobody noticed the Botox I had done by Dr.Sema. Everyone kept on saying that I looked pretty and that my face was glowing. Dr.Sema knows which location and how much Botox to put in the face, hence the reason it looks so natural. Since my first Botox session I have it done regularly every 6 months. My face is smooth and glowing with Botox. My lines are not increasing either.

Some doctors work only for the money but Dr.Sema is one of the few surgeons that is brilliant in their field and works for her patient’s satisfaction. You can trust her completely. Dr.Sema ÖZDEN is the only surgeon I would recommend in Turkey.

Thank you for everything Dr.Sema. I love you.

In a short period of time I met a doctor that is now like family, Dr.Sema ÖZDEN. So glad our paths crossed. I had liposuction and breast implants done. Today it marks a month since my operation, I’m so satisfied, and without hesitation the only address I will go to is SEMA ÖZDEN. So glad I have you. Of course, during all of this my biggest moral supporter was her assistant Çisil. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH.

What you done wasn’t a change, it was a transformation. Last month I had multiple operations done by Dr.Sema. With every step Dr.Sema and her assistant Çisil were by my side. They took care of me 24/7 relentlessly. Everything was perfect. My sister and I now have fit figures. In my opinion Dr.Sema is not only the best in her field in Turkey, but the best in her field in the world. Even though I have met most of the doctors, I have never met anyone like Dr.Sema. Because of my operations I was able to meet her ! So glad I met you.

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